Sunday, April 1, 2012

Men Who Love Men

By: William J. Mann 

Something about the book really drives the hell out of me. My rants can be seen on my personal blog.

Men who loves men is a novel about a typical 33 year old gay guy’s quest in finding love. It deals with the things that he felt, he have done before, and his expectations in the near future. It deals with a lot of things – chances, rejections, flirting, dating, sex, parties, disappointment, regrets and love. It involves a lot of characters which definitely symbolizes the types of gay guys the society have, but the focus of the story is Henry, a 30 something gay guy who was having a hard time understanding what he wants.

The plot is very simple and how the events took place in the book was smooth. There will be flashbacks and dream sequences which will not distract you, hence it will help you understand the characters more. Since it is a gay novel, it was expected that there will be parts in the book that may seem too mature but surprisingly it was handled in a very subtle way. It was as if the scene was really needed because it is making to story more realistic, relatable and believable.

I just don’t like how the novel ended. Though it was the type of ending that the protagonist of the novel really deserves I don’t buy it. As much as I relate to Henry, I still see his character too complicated.

It’s a good read. The lesson is also good. Love is genderless. It transcends everything and sometimes, it can get complicated. To be in a great love story, the novel also mentions that you must try becoming a lover, not the beloved. For you to be able to love someone else, you must learn to love yourself first.

Enjoy reading!

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