Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 09: The Loose Change

Day 09 — When the cashier gives me this amount of money for change I know it’s too much money to dump in the charity bucket…

A friend and I went to this fancy restaurant at Blue Wave. They offer big servings of American Food and by just writing them now, it makes me hungry. We were shocked with the bill, of course. Spending two thousand bucks for a meal really made me feel guilty but my friend told me, that sometimes we should just indulge ourselves. True.

Then she ask me, “Magkano ang ititip natin? (How much are we going to place as tip)?

Confused, I looked at our receipt. I noticed that a 10 per cent service charge was already included on it I informed my friend and she just advise me that we should no longer give any because its already included in our bill.

I then took another look at the restaurant. The environment was cozy, the employees were friendly, the food was scrumptious, and lastly, they have the most comfortable chairs I can ever imagine. So I just told her, “bigyan nalang natin ng 200, nakagastos nga tayo ng 2000 sa pagkain, ipagdadamot pa ba natin? (Let’s just give them 200, we already spend 2000 on food, should we still be greedy?)

We left the restaurant overwhelmingly happy. Smile

So if the change is too much to dump in the charity basket, for sure I will assess first how good the service is. If it is worth it, I will give half of the change. If not, I will give what is worth it. Open-mouthed smile

Sometimes, giving will always be better.

Enjoy your Easter Monday!


  1. Galante! Kung ako yun, I'll probably give P20, pang-Cornetto nung cute guy na nag-serve ng meal namin :)

    1. minsan lang naman we, pabayaan mo na. :D

  2. How delightful to come across another Blogspot blog. Sometimes it would seem that everyone else uses Wordpress. I am curious, LJ, where/how do you use the emoticons? It is one of the things that I like about Wordpress - it helps to convey a lot more emotion - but I am unaware that Blogspot have that facility - I wish it did. Can you help me?

    1. That was also my concern when I joined the 30 days blogging thing, everyone was on WP. Good thing Tom was nice enough to include me on the list.

      Regarding the emoticon, hmm... I use Windows Live writer every time I wrote something, it is a software that adapt your blog theme and it is every easy to use. I do the emoticons there, you will not see it anywhere on the program though. It's like using YM, for a smiley you have to type :)!

      I am really not that techie Liane but I hope my comment help you though!

  3. Ikaw nang mabait when it comes to leaving tips. You remind me of my mom, Lj! Ako kasi I consider two things when I give tips, the service I got and the bill. If the service was plain awful tapos I had to pay for additional service charge, I don't leave a tip. Ano sila sinusuwerte? (ako nang bitter, chos!) Pero now a days, kahit okay ang service pero I still have to pay for extra service charge, I still hesitate to leave a tip. Kaya ang tawag sa akin ng mommy ko is stingy. wenkwenk

    1. Hmm... May stingy part din naman ang pagkatao ko we, siguro hindi lang sia lumalabas pag alam na niyang gumastos siya sa isang mamahaling meal tapos hindi siya magbibigay ng tip, hindi niya ito mapapatawad!