Sunday, April 8, 2012

Please Don’t Leave Me

please don’t leave me.
don’t even dare.
i promise i will change my ways.
from the way i act, i speak, and i reason out.
i will no longer check your phone,
or view the people who add you up on fb.
i promise i will behave the way you want me to be.
i will just concentrate on my books,
or my blog, or my dreams
that we made for each other.
just don’t leave me.
never attempt.
and i promise you i will better
while you remain as horrible as you are now.
i will remain quiet while you continue ranting.
i will listen while you keep on whining.
i will do my best to make you feel better.
i will tolerate the things you said.
i will understand.
but don’t leave me
don’t even dare.
for i am helpless without you
because its only you that i need
and you leaving will definitely makes me crazy
probably it may kill me 
so don’t leave me
don’t even dare
just stay

It all started with a tweet. Can emo bloggers change their stripes? Blog superstar Spiral Princeand I shall attempt to do just that. The rules are simple. Write ten consecutive happy posts. If you falter, you have to write five more. *gulp*
I decided to use song titles for this, that way I won’t be confused. :)
The Emo Blogger's Happy Blogging Challenge: Obsession
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  1. I love the photo! It's so italian vogue! char.

    interpretation ko ng blog entry is sadness.
    you're begging for that someone to stay.

    Please Don't Leave Me ba yan ni Pink?

    1. may tama ka jan baste! :D

      very victoria secrets ang peg, kaya perfect para sa post. :D

      Salamat sa pagdaan baste, glad to have you here.

  2. yehess sumali ka na rin sa ebhbc

    1. hahaha... saling ketket lang ako sir, wala kasi akong maisip na post about obsession na hindi emo kaya ganyan ang finish product. :D

  3. this has all the trappings of clinical obsession. lovely

  4. I agree with LOF! It almost seems like you've seriously gone mad and you're begging with matching running mascara. Love!!!

    1. I just cannot put obsession on a happy note, this is reall an emo post.

    2. Hala! You know what that means right! :O

      But anyway, it'll be our little secret? lolz

    3. hahahaha... don't. even. dare. :D