Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 20: The Survival Guide

Day 20 — I’m half naked, cold, tired, hungry, hurt, wet and just washed up on a deserted island. The first things I need to do to survive is…

I know I am lucky if I will still be able to reach land. Haha. Add not knowing how to swim to the list of things that I am not capable of.

If you will ask me the very first thing I will do once I am lying naked on the sand, all I can think of is pray. I will be thankful for the gift of life and being able to still breath though cold, hungry , tired, hurt and wet. Pray to give thanks that I am okay, and then pray again to ask for help.

God moves in mysterious ways. He will never give you something you can’t handle.


  1. Amen! Btw ang cute nung nasa pic! Haha

  2. While I digest your answer, bigla akong na distract ako sa sexy picture ng post mo. Which made me think, why not also pray for a 'hot' companion on the island? (insert evil smile) Ahehehe