Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 25: The Pet Peeve

Day 25 — My biggest pet peeve that has nothing to do with blogging, being online, computers or anything else related to the Internet is…

If this question will just be, “my biggest pet peeve is?” This will be easy. Hands down, it will be person who “like” their own status on Facebook. Example! Someone will say “Good Morning” and then the first click of the blue thumb up sign will be coming from him as well. Can someone please explain to me why do they have to do that? No offense meant, but I really don’t see the logic of it, or probably, I am just being a bitch by noticing a lot of things, but seriously, I never understand it. #sharelang

But since this has nothing to do with anything related to the internet, I guess the most common thing that really gets me agitated is waiting.

Who loves waiting? Haha!


I can really get nasty with people who waste my time. Ever since high school, though I cram a lot on individual projects, when it comes to stuff that requires group effort, I cannot remember the incident where I was the cause of delay on something. When there is a group meeting, I was early. Every time the group leader will assign me a task that needs to be done on a particular day, I finished two days ahead. I learned to respect someone else’s time because I really want them to respect mine as well.

When I was working as a CSR, since there is a handling time (how long should you take a call), I really notice that I get irate easily if the customer is really taking too much of my time.

So if someone will beat around the bush when explaining something, asks me to wait for 30 minutes while I was there 15 minutes ahead the schedule, and tends to lax while I am already cramming to finish a report, expect me to be ill-tempered. Expect that I will not treat you nicely. Lastly, expect that I will never forget.

I know the world will be wonderful if we have tolerance and understanding. But, it will be better if we learn to be considerate with others.


  1. Dagdag din daw kasi sa dami nang nag-Like kung kasama ang Like nila :)

    1. hahaha... kahit na, irita pa din makakita ng mga ganun, :D

  2. that is so funny! i have not seen people like their own status on facebook but if i did i think that is ridiculous. i don't like waiting too. it sucks and i suck at it. hey, you are turning into a cat too lj? nice job.

  3. ay naku, may kilala akong ganun, lahat ng post niya sa wall niya, siya lang ang naglike. hahahaha

  4. Hahahahaha oh well, kaya siguro may kasabihan na "Love your own" dahil siguro sa mga facebook people na ganito. joke! :D