Wednesday, April 4, 2012


By: Suzanne Collins

Don’t get me wrong, do not even try to hate, but since I am so in sync with the 30 Days of Honesty thing, I will be very honest. Open-mouthed smile

The Hunger Games will give you an introduction of how miserable it is to live in Panem. Catching Fire will excites you more. The new characters and how the plot progress is really amazing. I am really trying my best to describe Mockingjay and the only thing that is entering in my head right now is how depressing it is.

Maybe I was expecting a better ending, or something that is way too far from how violent the first two books were, but it is really disappointing that though Katniss was able to find her happy ever after, she still suffered a lot. And her life was still used for someone else’s gain.

As the story continue, Katniss found herself as the face of the rebellion, she was helping the rebels by boosting their morale and making sure that they will not falter no matter what the Capitol do to them. She was called the Mockingjay because of the pin that she wore throughout her stay in the arena.

If the first two books were violent, multiply it by 10 and you will have this book. haha! Children being explode, Finnick being eaten by Mutts, Prim dying, girls with shaved head, meat grinders, fumes that will kill you in seconds, drugs being used to sedate someone, and believe me, the list goes on. Though it was described in a very subtle way, just thinking about how miserable Katniss felt all throughout really makes me feel uncomfortable.

When I was reading the book, all I can ever think of was, Will Katniss Everdeen’s life be happy?

However, the series is really good. I think what makes it good was though it deals with a very sensitive and controversial topic, every thing was dealt in a heartfelt way. You know violence exist because it was part of the story. Hence, you will not concentrate on it, you will focus on the story more.

Now, I can’t wait for the movie adaptation. I wonder who will play the role of Finnick.

Thanks Brian for being so generous and providing me the copies of the books. Apir!


  1. Di ko p nababasa yung "The Hunger Games" series via PDF hehehe. Pag sinipag ako, baka book ang bilhin ko. Sobra ako nag-enjoy sa movie eh :)

    1. Hi Elmer! Actually, pag binasa mo siya, hindi ka tatamarin. :D